Thursday, January 27, 2011

{christmas card} tabs

i know it's the 27th of January and all but i just finished sending out my christmas cards...this week. i could not get my act together before christmas and then i caught the mother of all colds. so i decided that "better late than never" was going to be my motto. this year, as in 2011, i'm going to work on getting organized and one of the first projects is my christmas card list. it's a mess and needs a serious overhaul. if you didn't get my card i'm so sorry don't take it personally, it's me not you!

tabschristmascardfront copy

tabschristmascardback copy

merry christmas!

pics taken by my very favorite: frankly yours. thank you, sister. i love our family pics, you are amazing and talented and wonderful. mean it!

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