Thursday, February 17, 2011

{confessions} over chai tea

katy just started this "confessions over chai tea" deal on her blog and i love the idea! so i'm linking up with katygirl to tell one of my confessions.


so... i have a confession.

i'm a loser.

last night i was running behind, having spent a good portion of my afternoon reading blogs and chatting on google, with a little laundry in the middle somewhere, i guess that's what i get. we were going to a basketball game and i needed to make dinner before so we didn't fall into the fast food pit once again. i put a few chicken breasts into the oven and went and got myself ready. i soon realized i didn't have enough time for the chicken dinner i was planning so i quickly changed the game plan. i fixed the new dinner menu and continued rushing around the house to get out the door and into our seats at the arena before tip off. i was successful at that! we had a great time at the game and riley actually understood the concept of the game, to get the ball into the net, and cheer like crazy when the yellow team made a basket. we spilled a soda and ate candy in our seats. it was a great time. we came home 2.5 hours later to a HORRIBLE smell, we thought it was left over from our shameful hot dog dinner, we gaged and cracked a few jokes, then it hit me...THE CHICKEN! i had left the chicken in the oven for over 3 hours. and it was WELLLL done! i immediately pulled the dish out of the oven and put in the sink and started the water. before andrew could even warn me about what i had just done, the dish shattered into a million pieces.

i know, way to go!