Friday, January 28, 2011

{new year's card} rea and tim

...we've been through thick and thin, braces, breakups, weddings, deaths, cartons of ice cream, c-sections, parents, pets, births, fights, painting, diapers, in-laws, get the idea. she's my very best friend from day one. i love her {and that adorable baby} all the way to her toes. she was thinking ahead and planning for her procrastination and decided to do a "new year's" card instead of a christmas card. good thinkin sister.

newyearscardfront1 copy

christmascardback copy_p

{valentine's day cards} riley t

when i picked riley up from pre-school this afternoon i noticed the notes on the classroom door. normally i'm in a huge rush and i don't really take this preschool stuff very seriously but today i had an extra minute to actually look around and read the notes. his class is having a valentine's day party and he needs to bring 12 valentine's cards. so i whipped up these super cute robot valentine's.

robotvalentinecard copy

when we were talking at lunch he said he was called "riley t" today at school and said he hated that nickname, he has no idea why they would call him that so i'll have to explain it later, but i thought it was cute that he hates it. i thought it was only appropriate to sign the card riley t.

i'm feeling so on top of things. valentine's day is still 3 weeks away and coming from the girl who just sent the last of her christmas cards out on monday i'm looking good!

cupcake toppers to match coming soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{christmas card} tabs

i know it's the 27th of January and all but i just finished sending out my christmas cards...this week. i could not get my act together before christmas and then i caught the mother of all colds. so i decided that "better late than never" was going to be my motto. this year, as in 2011, i'm going to work on getting organized and one of the first projects is my christmas card list. it's a mess and needs a serious overhaul. if you didn't get my card i'm so sorry don't take it personally, it's me not you!

tabschristmascardfront copy

tabschristmascardback copy

merry christmas!

pics taken by my very favorite: frankly yours. thank you, sister. i love our family pics, you are amazing and talented and wonderful. mean it!

{chirstmas cards} yarians

i love dana, we are office besties. i love going to work mainly because i know we get to chat and catch up on eachothers weekends. she has inspired me in every area of my life. i love that her learning style is reading, mine is not, so i frequently go to her for help and she has all the knowledge because she's read about the topic! she's amazing and you should meet her!

christmascardfront1 copy

christmascardback copy

pics taken by the talented Monica Wall

Saturday, January 22, 2011

save the date {scott + katy}

wedding season is upon us and i could not be happier to create custom stationary for brides to be! here is a sample of a save the date. thanks to katy girl for letting me use her sweet pictures again.

savethedatedotsfront copy

savethedatedotsback copy

now for sale in my new etsy shop!! $15 for i design you print option, or $35 for sets of 25 printed on heavy cardstock with envelopes.

*photos by lorie chambless